Membership 2021
01-02-2021 – 31-01-2022
12 Months

Club Membership - Membership of the Club is only open to students currently enrolled at the University of Newcastle and to current
members of NUsport. All non-students must be over 18 years of age and must first join NUsport before they can join the club. Non-
students can join NUsport by completing a NUsport University Staff / Associate / External Membership Form (as applicable) and
paying the relevant NUsport membership fee. NB Membership of NUsport is different to membership of The Forum. Joining The
Forum does not make you a NUsport Member and vice versa. Members of NUsport are eligible for concession rates on Forum

This application form together with the below Terms and Conditions and the Club Membership of NUsport Affiliated Clubs
Terms and Conditions (and any documents, terms or agreements referred to therein) form an agreement between the Club,
NUsport and each member of the Club and where applicable to each visitor or user of a NUsport Managed Facility (the
Agreement). By applying to the Club for membership, you agree to be bound by the Agreement.
The Club (and its employees, agents and contractors) will not be liable to me, and I release and indemnify the Club and NUsport
(and its employees, agents and contractors) from and against any liability, for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused
(including through negligence) which I may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with my membership and/or my participation in
Club Programs or use of Club equipment or use of NUsport facilities or equipment.
I acknowledge that participating in the activities of the Club may result in physical harm, injury, damage or even in death. I
acknowledge that I must be physically and mentally capable to undertake any activity in which I participate. I acknowledge and
agree that I make that judgement and that I undertake activities at my own risk. I acknowledge and agree that I must conduct myself
at all times in accordance with the policies and procedures notified by the Club or by NUsport to members. I must ensure I act at all
times in a manner which is in the best interests of the Club and fellow members and to ensure the safety of myself and others.
I agree that the Club is entitled to immediately suspend and/or terminate my membership at any time where the Club determines, in
its absolute discretion, that I have failed to comply with these terms and conditions or that I have otherwise acted in a manner which
is detrimental or prejudicial to the Club, NUsport, or the University of Newcastle or detrimental to their premises. In the event of a
suspension or termination of my membership, the Club will advise me of that suspension or termination and refund to me (if
applicable) any membership fees paid by me in advance. Any decision by me not to accept a refund will not affect the suspension
or termination of my membership, such suspension or termination to come into effect immediately upon notification from the Club.